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We define Presentations as "talking head at the podium" ,


Workshops are custom-created as "hands-on for participants" .


We also offer Consultations at your site; and can host Tours at our community garden.


See the PDF brochure at the bottom of this page.


Managing our local community garden,, is our volunteer initiative.


For professional Presentations and Workshops we charge fair fees to cover administrative, creative, and appearance time; travel time and costs; plus, (if required), sourcing and materials expenses.

We are able to travel all across SW Ontario, 12 months of the year.

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Contact us: coldframes (at) gmail (dot) com, or 416 . 469-9507



Our events are geared to people eighteen (18) years of age and older. We do not offer events for children.



Our Workshops and Presentations can be held indoors or outside. We offer both no-tech (tactile samples and scale models) and high-tech (laptop, projection and screen, with Internet)events.





Seedy Saturday at Scadding Court Community Centre, Toronto


Toronto Green Community


Green Ventures, Hamilton


Green Ideas, Guelph




Everdale Organic Farm and Environmental Learning Centre, Hillsburgh


Ralph Thornton Centre, Toronto


Wards Island, Toronto





Beginner Gardeners engage in Hands-On Learning


Volunteer Crew enjoys local refreshments after Education Event


Spring and Fall "ColdFrames In Action" Tours


Lost Rivers Walk group visits for a Winter ColdFrames Tour: A truly Canadian experience



Creative Cooking, and Peerless Preserves

for tips, tricks, and techniques

to make matchless meals now

or to store specialties for other seasons...


preserving is not just an autumn occupation

preserving your garden's abundance begins with spring harvests

  • infusing herbs, spices, and fruits in oils, vinegars, or butter;
  • dehydrating in your oven, or freezing fruits and berries;
  • baking sweet and savory sensations from unexpected abundance;
  • economizing by conserving tidbits for stocks, soups,and gravies;
  • or time-tested pickling and canning methods for jams, relishes, and chutneys


Simple processes in a home kitchen


Applying Food Safety Techniques in a Community or Commercial Kitchen



Heirloom Tomatoes, fresh from the organic garden


Cherry Tomatoes, cut for drying


Three Trays Full


Oven Dried:
Tried, True, & Tasty!


Let Us Teach Your Group How!




Kyla Dixon-Muir has decades of experience as a writer, video producer, greening and cycling proponent, arts volunteer, public speaker, & community garden coordinator. She is very media-friendly. A composting enthusiast, she practices in-soil trench-composting, single & triple-bin food-scrap systems, vermicomposting, and Hot Compost piles that even incorporate raw manure.

Using organic gardening practices, Kyla has been in the garden every single week – through all four seasons – for many years. She grows foods outdoors – including right through the winter, without electricity or a greenhouse – in a wide range of low-cost and no-cost ColdFrames. Her book, Growing To Eat –Through All Four Seasons, is now in its fourth Canadian edition. Her corresponding DVDs on ColdFraming for Organic Food Gardens will launch in spring 2014 on: • Spring Headstarts (“Get an early start in your garden”), • Fall Season Extensions (“Twelve months’ harvesting from eight months’ effort”), and • Construction Methods for all (“from stitching to carpentry – YOU can do it!”

She is, as a volunteer, the Development Coordinator at Riverdale Meadow Community Garden, Toronto’s oldest community garden.

As an instructor, Kyla hosts “ColdFrames In Action” Tours and leads “Build Your Own ColdFrame” Workshops all across SW Ontario.

She also teaches composting, and seasonal food preserving workshops that cover freezing, dehydrating, and infusing, as well as autumn canning. Kyla has experience with adjusting diets to accommodate a range of food allergies, and bakes with a broad range of grains and legumes, including spelt, kamut, quinoa, bean flours, and more; starches like potato, arrowroot, and water chestnut; has experience with unique leaveners like guar & xanthan gums; and sweeteners like stevia, and xylitol. She has a cherished collection of unique out-of-print cookbooks from eras gone by. Add to that her unique and specialized seed-starting Presentations and Workshops for windowsill, coldframe, and greenhouse applications in both spring and fall – to round out a depth of understanding in caring for the land and its pollinators, cultivating food crops, strategic harvesting, and a range of preserving strategies that begins each spring.

Raised by generations of farming families, Kyla now leads intensive organic gardening practices in the relatively small space of a half-acre urban community garden. Knowing how to get large harvests from little areas is her passion; and saving seeds to economize and to breed what grows well locally is her purpose. A berry specialist, Kyla teaches about pruning, cultivating, and propagating both edible native Ontario species and hybrids, including blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, serviceberries, Nanking cherry, black and red currant, honeysuckle, and more.

Kyla can travel all across SW Ontario all 12 months of the year. As a speaker, her Workshops, Presentations, and Tours are inspiring and engaging, practical and humourous. Contact her to engage your group in learning more about Kyla’s organic Hundred Footstep Diet.

see also: for community inspiration

Contact Kyla at 416 . 469-9507 (ext 2) or coldframes @ gmail . com





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