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Women of a CERTAIN Age


- a multi-generation gathering to connect communities -


and to celebrate 'The Year Of The Woman' : 2018


(Yay! After all the millennia past we finally get a year!)



Monday, 5 March 2018

drop in any time between:

5pm to 10pm

Tarragon Theatre, 30 Bridgman Avenue (East of Bathurst, North of Dupont)



This is a private gathering, not open to the public.

If you are directly invited by the organizer, Kyla,

you are welcome to bring another woman with you:


young women, try to bring a woman of an older generation

(family member, friend, teacher, or neighbour)


older women bring a young'un for fun, food, and feminist frivolities

If you have been invited by another lead participant, please confirm with the organizer before extending this invitation to additional guests.

Thank you.

Hospitality will be freely available, but access is limited to those directly affiliated with this event.

(There will be another event in a different area on the same floor of the theatre that evening.)

As the Tarragon Theatre is a licensed establishment, this is not a BYOB party: there will be a cash bar.

- - - - - - - - - -

With generous support from Elizabeth Gallagher her award-winning desserts will be part of the hospitality.

See this link Start drooling now, and book her soon for your next event!


This celebration of women is also a Silent Auction fundraising event.

It will benefit women in a remote location in Guatemala, with whom one of this gathering's lead participants has had an ongoing relationship since 2012.

Please bring cash for bidding at the auction;

This link shows a video of Cathy Nesbitt's trip in 2012

to assist the Guatemalan women with vermicomposting (yep, worms)

to enrich the soil so they can grow foods for themselves

as they sustain their part of the Central American rainforest


Bring your camera (and your sense of humour) for the zany photo booth setup.


- - - - -


An opportunity to engage in Laughter Yoga is another part of this gathering.

Some yoga mats will be available. If you have one you can bring, please do so.

This link has videos of Cathy's laughter yoga.


- - - - -


A Sing For Joy component has now been confirmed, too!

Sing for Joy is a Toronto community choir that welcomes all voices and no musical background is required. Easy to learn songs lift up the spirit, sung in call-and-response style.

Stephanie Drouin, therestlessinchoirer, will be leading us.

Join in, or just watch in wonderment at the magic that happens in mere moments.

This link has recordings of a sampling of the songs sung in this community choir.


- - - - -


Older women: if you can, bring or wear something, or have a women-positive saying, to baffle the younger babes.

Younger women: if you can, bring a date to mark on a calendar that holds meaning for you as it celebrates a Canadian woman of influence in history.

Margaret Atwood on Free Trade: “If Canada is going to hitch its wagon to a star, why not a rising star, rather than one so close to burn-out.”


“Our national animal is the beaver, noted for its industrious habits and cooperative spirit. In medieval bestiaries it is also noted for its habit, when frightened, of biting off its own testicles and offering them to the pursuer. I hope we are not succumbing to some form of that impulse.”

Or, on a more feminist note:

"We must open the doors, and we must see to it they remain open, so that others can pass through." Rosemary Brown, politician, activist.


- - - - -


Let's find our common ground as women across the generations -- now that we've been granted one whole year to celebrate ourselves!

Pads of paper, pens, and poster boards will be set up for those who are inclined to complete these (and more) sentences:

"I suddenly felt old when . . . "

"What I love about getting older is . . . "

"My favourite songs about women include . . . "

"The thing I most wish I had said to / done for / done in spite of him is . . ."

"The best lie I told him was . . . (and I am not sorry about that!)"

" I collect: (because) . . . "

" My work involves: (and this is despite my personal bugaboo of...) . . . "

"The weirdest / wildest / most wonderful thing on my bucket list is . . ."


Please bring items for the Silent Auction with you on the evening of the gathering.

Sorry, nothing can be dropped off ahead of time, nor can it be stored there afterward.

This event is completely in and out in one evening.

All questions are to be directed to Kyla on her landline at 416 . 469-9507 (ext 2).

(Do NOT call the theatre under any circumstances. Thank you.)


Silent Auction items will include:

As well as the train cases I listed in the brochure PDF, many surprise items will be brought on the evening of the event. For sure, bid on these one-of-a-kind hand-made installations by local artists: large hanging planter sculptures, Dream Catchers (made from bra underwires -- to catch the nightmare that is breast cancer), solar light garden sculptures; plus tickets and CD from Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, tickets for a Tarragon show, and a gift package from Toronto Community Acupuncture, who have been so helpful for my own health.

Visit ToCA's website, and then visit their beautiful facility to improve your own health and well-being!


Thank you helping make this a scent-free gathering


You can print a 2-sided 2-fold brochure about this gathering by clicking here:




Women in support services, and women entrepreneurs:


Please bring your organizations' brochures and your business cards.


A table will be available for sharing and exchanging.


- - - - -


A table with government and community brochures


regarding physical health, mental health, community programs, and supports for seniors will also be in place. If you work in one of these fields and can bring brochures, please do so.


- - - - -


Job seekers: Feel free to bring your resume and JIST card.


(Please note, though, that this is not a job fair; and no woman who knows about current openings or who may be connected to hiring will be disclosing that information: this is just an extra opportunity to potentially represent yourself.)



Queries about this event must be addressed to:

emailkdm (at) gmail (dot) com.

Emails are only checked once daily. The day of the event will be used for transport, physical setup and food prep, so, sorry, but only telephone calls that day, and even they will receive infrequent attention. ++]

Telephone calls get the quickest, clearest response: 416.469-9507 (ext 2)



This community centred initiative, "Women of a CERTAIN Age", was inspired by an old friend, Carol Campbell, Volunteer Coordinator at Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, who saw me crossing the street last fall, and waited to say hello. Life circumstances had caused us to be out of touch in recent years. We both felt we needed more connection in our lives, especially with women of our own age. In the ensuing months, as I spoke to other women "of a certain age" this theme seemed to resonate.

I'd love to welcome you to our first CERTAIN community gathering.


Join in the fun on March 5th -- and do bring your camera

The best photos from the photo spoof booth

will be posted here shortly after that evening


After bicycling to the Toronto Islands' Ferry Docks.

On the captain's level of the Ongiara ferry. (Some women never grow up . . .)

Ain't it a good thing!

Whole hog at Far Enough Farm, Centre Island

Who's making an ass of whom, hmmm?


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